Photojournalistic Projects

I have been trying to expand my photography from daily odd images of whatever I see walking around to longer term projects.  I hope to do a series on hobbies, businesses, etc. that residents get enjoyment from.  I am currently in the midst of a project that will hopefully lead to others.  This first project is one about stained glass projects.  The above is one of the many pictures I have made so far.  After the making of images is completed later this summer, we, myself and the crafter, will create a number of different outputs … blog posts, presentations, publications, etc.   I am hoping that these efforts will encourage others to maintain or take on new hobbies.

The downside to my expanding into longer term projects as well as my photography for Homewood and others is that I may find it more difficult to keep posting pictures as frequently in my blog.  Another result of moving in this direction is that my photography becomes more like mini documentaries and storytelling, and this shift also results in taking longer to produce the outputs with little to show in this blog until they are completed.  This shift towards photojournalistic photography also has been making a change in the cameras and lenses that I need and use, but at the same time enabling me to sell-off those that I am not using and simplify my photography processes and gear.

Another thing I am going to try to do is focus more of my time on the things I mentioned in the “View on Life” post.  If those endeavors enable me to make pictures, I will try to produce a few posts about them.