Getting Wetter

I made these pictures a few days ago from down in the floodplain.  Not only has it been wetter this last twelve months, but the whole lower 48 states have been wetter.

The fact that it has been wetter than normal isn’t significant.  The climate and weather are always changing.  What is significant is the increasing amounts of rain due to manmade climate changes.  The storms are dropping more water and the creeks and rivers are flooding more and more in increasing heights.  Remember our flood at Homewood at Plum Creek last July?  Expect it to happen again, but more frequently and at higher levels.

The local damages done to our bridges and culverts were minor compared to the overall impact across the country.  It is now looking like the United States corn crop is going to be greatly diminished this summer due to the floods in the Midwest.  We will feel that impact in our food prices.  I also wonder how many more will be looking to move and build on higher ground, or how many more will lose their jobs because of it, or how many more migrants will be on the move all around the world.

There is no doubt that the climate will be changing faster with increased temperatures and greater changes in the amount of water in the atmosphere which results in larger downpours.  The cause is already here and is increasing, as will the impacts.  Take a look at this article about the increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide.


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