Why Not Minimalist Gear?


If you do an internet search on the terms “Minimalist Photography” you will find that most, if not all, of the articles are about image composition, including processing to achieve simplistic or minimalist compositions.

My question is why not consider minimalist photography from the perspective of using basic, or minimal gear without fancy processing; i.e., not from a compositional perspective but from a basic making or processing perspective.

I made the above image with the TG-5 camera using an in-camera natural color jpeg that was converted to B&W using LR without me doing any tweaking or adjustment of sliders, etc.  An even simpler approach would be making in-camera B&W images but I am still in the process of trying to narrow down an approach to some of my personal photography and experimenting and B&W vs. color is still an issue, as well as size, weight, camera vs. smartphone, etc.  There are various degrees to approaching this form of photography from film to digital to in or out of camera processing, etc., but I am looking at it from a simple easy to carry gear perspective.  Also, in the back of my mind is the question …. use the Fuji X100F camera and Acros B&W images, or the smaller easier to carry TG-5 camera?

No matter how I approach minimalist photography I have to always consider what to photograph.  I can never separate the gear from the subject, so I am currently thinking about it as independently as possible until I go back to subject and intent perspectives.  I am leaving the hardest issue to the end this time around.