New Dawn, A Different Approach

I have been procrastinating about selling any of my cameras.  I intended to sell the X-E3 and the 27mm lens but didn’t.  If I’m not selling them, I need to use them, so I got them out this morning and put in a fresh battery.  This camera-lens combination is nice and small with the typical Fuji quality so I’m going to try carrying them rather than my TG-5 for a while.

In addition, I am going to try a different process and embrace the shadows along with a high contrast in color.  I’m not sure it will work for all of my personal walkabout photography, but I will give it a try.  Since the original images are raw files, I can change them later.  The images above are my first trials this morning which I used to tweak the processing under what different conditions I had to work with.  I’ll see how many hours this approach lasts with one camera, one lens, one square crop, and one preset for processing.

One comment

  1. Photo A Day

    I’m down to three cameras. (two film and the fuji x100f). I have only one camera that could possibly take additional lenses. Not having choices to make is really nice.

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