Love of Photography

I am taking some time to think and make a few decisions relative to what I do next with my photography.

I often wonder what I prefer, having and using well-built cameras, or making images.  Sometimes I think that if I had the money, I would just collect cameras and only use a few of them occasionally to make images.

To help make some future decisions, I am separating my thinking into two areas … my documentary Homewood photography and my personal photography.  One reason, for that, is I like small cameras for my personal work, and they don’t work as well for my indoor Homewood photography.  My Fuji gear works well for my Homewood work and in some cases overlaps my personal desires, but not always; therefore, I am only thinking about making changes in my gear, locations, processing, and subjects for my personal work.

In addition, I am able to narrow my Homewood photography into just a few situations where the staff and residents might not be as able to get images.  We are finding that the current smartphones and the camera that the staff is using do just fine for making up-close images of resident activities when printed in the Plum Line.  That enables me to narrow some of my Homewood photography down to using only a few zoom lenses.

What I end up doing for my personal photography is still very much undecided.  I’ll be exploring a few possibilities in the future.

In case you are wondering, the B&W image above was made with my Fuji X100F camera and the color image was made with my Olympus TG-5.  This style of photography is one of the areas that overlaps between making images for Homewood and making some for my personal work.


  1. Photo A Day

    The range of choices today is paralyzing. I have three cameras. Two that I use. Yet I still look at eBay and wander through the local used camera store. I have lists of projects I want to do. How many lightroom/VSCO presets are there? It’s the culling that will set the masters apart.