Hill Drainage

For the last year we have had a problem with one of the paths being unsafe for walking.  The groundwater has been flooding the path as shown in a previous post.  They have now attempted to solve the problem.

Homewood had a contractor put two linear French Drains in leading from the hill, down under the path and on towards the big pond.  Their hope is that this will be sufficient to stop the water from crossing, flooding, and covering the path with water, mud, and algae.  We will see if this does the job during the next extended wet season, probably next winter and spring.  Since the path dams up the water, I think they probably need another drain parallel to, and next to, the upper side of the path, that links the two drains they put in.  If they do need it, it should probably not be covered with soil and grass, but left filled with stone clear to the surface to drain the surface water.  They might also need to continue the drains down into the pond.