Nothingness Expert

Maybe I’m finding what I’m good at … the art of photographing nothingness.  I stepped out front of my Villa and took these images in four-minutes with the TG-5 camera.

I tend to have little to keep busy with other than photography.  I try to make pictures everyday as a form of phototherapy.  If I’m not making images, I’m likely to be cruising the web looking at, and reading about, photography.

If I have nothing in particular to photograph, or camera gear to play with, I will sometimes take a walk over the same paths I have been walking for the last seven and a half years taking pictures and if the weather is not agreeable I will just take a quick walk around the Villa in between rains, etc.

The taking of images enables me to continue when I return to my computer to see what I have and play with the processing as I make images.  I often refer to this as playing with the concept of nothingness.

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