Views at Homewood at Plum Creek


The view above is overlooking Homewood Villas from the highest elevation within Homewood at Plum Creek.  I doubt many residents ever go up there.  It was a hot day and I was walking the perimeter and staying in the shade of trees as much as possible when I made this.

I made the above image in LR by stitching three pictures made with the X100F.  The following images are crops (not stitched) and are views looking outward from the original Homewood property across recent property acquired by Homewood.


I had another objective when I made these images.  I wanted to use a stitched image with more details to compare resolution with a wide single image and an up-sized crop from one of them as shown below.  As you will note, when they are resized for display in this blog that the differences are as expected and not usually relevant to getting the story told.