Stained Glass Craftsman

We have a resident at Homewood at Plum Creek who is a stained-glass craftsman.  I have taken pictures of him at work in his garage so that he can make a Powerpoint Presentation and use the pictures as he desires.  The pictures shown above are just a few that I have in my collection which I am using here as an example of images that I might use as part of my collection of hands at work here within Homewood.  I chose B&W for this set since I want to put the emphasis on the craftsman and his hands at work rather than the colorful glass work.  Most of the images above were made while he repaired a piece of art for another resident.  I am still waiting and deciding on how I will use the bulk of my images of him at work as he created and completed another piece.  The above images are really just a teaser for what might be coming.