Vulcan’s Hanover Quarry


The Homewood at Plum Creek’s Men’s Group visited the Vulcan Hanover Quarry.  We took the new bus to the quarry, logged in and got an orientation briefing, and then drove the bus down into the quarry all the way to the floor.  After circling around, we then drove back up to the top and went around the quarry to the opposite side where I made the above image by merging three images.  We then waited for a brief period in order to watch one of their explosions.  The following images start prior to the explosion (the first one below). I then took a series of images showing the results of the explosion.  The second one below shows the wall blowing out.


Our bus survived the trip without a scratch, and I can’t end this without saying that it was one of the more interesting trips we have taken.  I had no idea it was this large nor any idea of the variety of products that include the output from such quarries.

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