Pentax KP DSLR


I started thinking about other cameras after I used my X-H1 on a tour with Homewood Men’s Group and I couldn’t review the images on the LCD after hitting the “play button”.  I never figured out what was wrong but after I reset the camera to factory settings it worked OK, but then I had to reset my preferences in the menu, and I’m still finding ones I missed.  While doing that I realized how complex the menu options are and how many opportunities there were to “foul-up” the settings accidentally.  The X-H1 is an excellent camera but it is not a simple camera.

I have been primarily using the Fujifilm X100F camera with it’s 23mm fixed lens for my personal photography.  One issue I have had with both it and the X-T2 is that I keep hitting the on-off switch when putting them in or taking them out of a bag or in my drawer.  This has only been an annoyance, except that one day I found the battery discharged in the X-T2 even though I have it set to automatically turn off after a short period.  Another factor is the lack of weather resistance for the X100F.  So far, I have managed to keep it dry, but I would prefer it to be more rugged and weather resistant.

Based on the above issues, I took a look at other camera options and I found that all of the latest designs have more complexity and options than I’ll ever use.  I found no new cameras, within my budget, that were simpler.  Knowing that most DSLR cameras were being discounted now that most new buyers are buying mirrorless cameras, I decided to take a look at DSLR cameras.  One favorable feature of them is that they don’t have the video capabilities that the mirrorless cameras have and thus their menu opportunities are more limited.  It is the state-of-the-art video functions that are creating more flexibility and screwed up settings, as well as heating and battery problems in the current mirrorless systems.  I don’t need state-of-the-art video capability.

While looking at DSLR cameras I was drawn to the older Pentax system … the cameras that I loved in the past.  I probably had a least 5 or 6 different Pentax DSLRs over the years.  I only left Pentax in order to get a faster quiet system with good low light and a better assortment of lenses for my in-door photography of Homewood events.

I have always wanted a simpler camera with a few lenses for my personal photography, but my desire to only have and use one affordable system limited me to Fujifilm cameras.  I’m now considering going backwards and maintaining two systems provided I can keep the number of lenses to a minimum for both systems.

While the Pentax KP camera isn’t as simple as I would like and is larger and heavier than I would prefer, it has other features that might offset the disadvantages.  One of those is the 20-40mm lens that I always wanted to get but didn’t because of the cost.  It was offered at half price now, so that, in addition to the reductions in the cost of the KP, made it worthwhile to order and try them both.  They arrived and I’m now trying them.