My New Approach

For years now I have been playing around the margins with my photography gear, especially with my personal photography.  Another way of expressing it might be that I have been seeking something but whatever it was, or is, it keeps moving or is so unclear that I’m not sure what it is I’m seeking.

I kept telling myself that I have the time, and a little money, to spend trying different cameras and lenses to see if I can find a way to expand, or change, my photography.  I have tried macro lenses, long telephoto lenses, and various sizes and weights of cameras from small waterproof P&S cameras to larger DSLRs, and mirrorless cameras in between.

I finally arrived at Fujifilm gear that enabled me to make images suitable for Homewood uses while recording events and happenings at Homewood at Plum Creek.  I never had any problems with output of the files that were suitable for their less expensive in-house publications, but I did have problems with poor lighting, multiple color temperatures, etc.  I finally resolved those issues with Fujifilm gear, higher ISO values, and Lightroom processing.

For my personal photography it has been difficult due to lack of subject material that is suitable for publishing on the web.  In addition, I have been seeking cameras and lenses that I can more easily use with my physical issues of pain in my hands and back and knees.  Those physical issues led me toward seeking lighter gear and better ergonomics for my hands that also led to poorer image quality.  That has been a journey that I don’t think will ever arrive at an optimum end since the goal keeps moving as I get older.

Aesthetics, new technologies, and nostalgia are some other interests of mine.  I like rangefinder style cameras rather than DSLR style cameras in terms of looks and weight, but not in terms of ergonomics.  I love the hand grips and ergonomics of the control placement of DSLR cameras, but not the weight or the look.  That seems like an unsolvable dichotomy.  I also like the technology in new cameras and I’m always interested in what ends up in cameras and how well it improves, or diminishes, one’s ability to make certain images of interest.  These things taken in aggregate have led me to keep buying and trying different cameras as I search for the unattainable.  The question now is, what will I do in the near future.

I’m slowly rethinking how I spend my time.  Searching for the perfect (for me) camera and set of lenses isn’t helping me with making more pictures that I like.  It has been a way to spend a lot of time and money with little to no improvements in my photography.  I need to bring this search of gear to an end.  I’m reducing the number of cameras and then just doing what I can with what I have and stopping trying other cameras.  When I do that, I need two cameras for coverage of events with multiple lenses and to have a 190806-182659-19JEHbackup if I have any trouble with a camera.  The two that I’m settling on (for now) are the Fujifilm X-T2 and the X-Pro2.  That means that I will sell my X-H1, X100F, and TG-5 cameras.  I just acquired a used X-Pro2 camera and I’m still checking it out and confirming that it is the most suitable partner for the X-T2.  Also note that I’m adapting to older cameras that don’t have all of the newer video-oriented capabilities.  I find that video just complicates the cameras and leads to other problems.

As I follow-through with this idea I hope to mostly use the X-Pro2 with prime lenses for my personal photography for my blog.  If I can’t find enough suitable subjects, or when I can’t handle it physically, it will mean that my blog posting might wind down.  I will be primarily using the X-Pro2 and learning how to extract enough “goodness” out of it with my emphasis on looking for interesting compositions rather than looking for another camera or lens.  We will just have to see where this approach leads.  I’m adopting this photographic approach using minimal gear with a desire to simplify as a way to see if I can achieve more images that I like with less.

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  1. Photo A Day

    Simplifying. Good. I’ve expanded a bit. I’ll be travelling with my Rollei 35 (with Ektar 100) a Canon AE1-Program with two lenses (20MM and 100MM)(with Portra 400) and my fuji x100f. They all do different things. My Fuji i shoot 80% in acros. I’m looking forward to using all three over a two week trip in Sicily. I doubt I’ll get any more cameras… and someday I may cull back on what I have.