Fewer, Simpler Programs … Less is More


Just a note for those who remember that I have been a user of the Microsoft Office products for a long time and still used them after I switched to Apple devices.  In my desire to simplify and pare down all of my “stuff,” I decided that there was no need to keep paying for my Microsoft Office subscription when I had the free Apple software.  I have also cleared up some memory on my devices by shedding the Microsoft programs.  The Apple programs might not be as complex and capable but that is a plus.  Why should I be paying for Microsoft software capabilities that I don’t use.

I will eventually get around to also looking at my photography software.  I have been using Adobe Lightroom for a long time, but it is also a subscription service with capabilities that I don’t need and have never used.  Finding a suitable less expensive, smaller program for processing my images won’t be as easy, but hopefully I will find one.