Battle Scars

I have decided to try, for a while, to concentrate on images of nature, but nature as it exists in the areas I visit.  They are not natural in terms of wild, untouched nature.  I don’t think such scenes exist anywhere anymore.  Man has changed the world.

One aspect of the relationship between nature and man’s attempts to enhance the damage he has done, that I don’t appreciate, is planting on a short time cycle basis.  We often plant foundation plantings, trees, etc. in areas that are way too small for the mature growth of what is planted.  Plants soon outgrow the small areas where they are planted and then they either need to be severely, and unnaturally trimmed, or ripped out, thrown away, and new plants planted to start the process all over again.  This is very wasteful and unsustainable.

As I attempt to concentrate on nature I have been experimenting with cameras, lenses, and processing.  I may look mainly for mini-landscapes and details in order to isolate the scenes to be more representative of nature rather than man made constructions.  In this experiment with gear, I have inflamed my old conflict of using a camera that is best suited for what I’m photographing or using a camera and lens that I most like to hold, carry, and use.  I prefer to use the X-Pro2 but the X-T2 is often a better choice due to the tilting LCD.  It is easier for me to get down on ground level and photograph with a tilted LCD.

And I’m still dithering about toned B&W vs. color images.  I will probably go back and forth between color, or monochrome.  I would prefer to only photograph scenes that work in B&W but sometimes color is required due to the nature of the image and the story.