Continuing with Searching

190826-080735-19JEHAs you probably noticed in my posts, I am still hunting for what it is I want to do, and can do, with my personal photography.  To a large extent, so far, my search has been limited to what I might find on Homewood property as I take my daily walks.  This has led me to the smaller things, the details of common everyday items around me, not because I prefer that type of photography but because “I can do it.”

While I like nature, due to the lack of undisturbed nature, I have to look for the little things and just be thankful that I can find what I can.  Using B&W and concentrating on little things fits into my desires to pursue the undefinable aspects of Wabi-Sabi, simplicity, etc.  This desire leads to more than nature, landscapes, etc. since it also covers the effects of nature, entropy, changes, etc. like weather, decay, natural disasters, and most everything that shows the effects of moving toward a natural sustainable state.

Long time readers of my blog also know that I like change and I like to keep trying different cameras and lenses.  In the recent past I have sold most of my cameras and reduced down to only two, the Fujifilm X-Pro2 and the X-T2.  My intent was to stick with just two Fuji cameras, but I miss change and the opportunity to try something different, so I am going to go off the reservation and do a little more searching.  In some ways, having just the one mode of photography is limiting and I want to see if there isn’t a better set of cameras that aren’t so similar for my work.