Pentax K-1 II Camera with the 28-105mm Lens


I am trying a Pentax K-1 Mark II camera with a 28-105mm zoom lens.  Since I suppose you wonder why I am doing this, the following was my rationale in getting it.

I wanted to try a good landscape camera with more MP and a FF sensor and a K-1 II was the least expensive way for me to try FF with more megapixels.  Do I really need to get it?  Can’t I just use one of my Fujifilm APS-C sensor cameras?  Yes, but I wanted to go a little farther and work with something a little different.  If the K-1 works well for me image wise, etc. I would have a rugged, WR setup to carry in the car for landscape photography, provided I ever do that again.  I would also have my “apocalypse” camera for the next flood or whatever.

One main issue that I am having with the camera so far is that it is a beast and very heavy.  I have arthritis in my hands and back and the camera may likely, at times, be too much for me.  The second issue is that the shutter is too loud for me to use the camera indoors when I’m photographing in among the residents so I would have to use one of my Fujifilm cameras inside.  If I keep the K-1 II I will have to use my X-Pro2 with faster lenses for interior events.

I have been trying the camera to see if I can handle it and so far I haven’t had too much trouble.  I’m using a sling strap to carry it, or at times I just carry it in a bag.  Either way has worked so far, but if I hold the camera too long and take a lot of pictures my hands start getting stiff and hurt. 

I’m playing with the image quality and learning that I need to process the images a little different from the Fujifilm X files.  I am also hoping that with the FF 36MP files that I can crop more.

So far I am pleased with the image quality, features, and build of the K-1 II but the weight of the beast and the cost and complexity of owning another system might result in me returning it.