Pentax K-1 II is a Rugged Camera

The Pentax K-1 II is a rugged WR beast that I love even though it is heavy.  With the 28-105mm FF lens I have found that it is OK for most outdoor work that I typically have done.  One advantage of the Pentax over my Fuji cameras is that it focuses fast for images of the sky, geese flying over, etc.  I can even use the lens reasonably close, at F11 for the image of the yellow-jacket, if I crop and resize the image.  My only disadvantage is not having a longer focal length lens for it, but I have been drifting away from such needs.

The decision I am going to have to make is whether it is worth it for me to keep both the Pentax along with my Fujifilm cameras.  A Fujifilm silent mirrorless camera is a necessity for my indoor photography of Homewood events and my X-Pro2 with prime lenses is my “zen camera”.  Other questions I will need to answer as part of my decision to keep it or not are will I use it for most/all of my outdoor photography walking around Homewood, and if I do, is this one lens sufficient.  It eliminates the decisions, which camera and which lens will I take, or not, when I go for my daily walk.