DoF with K-1 II


If I’m going to be using the K-1 II for a general all-around outdoor camera, I need to adjust some of my normal ways of making photographs.  As an example I came across a dead baby snapping turtle a few days ago.  Some animal had dug up a nest of the turtles.  This one was the only one I could find a short distance from the nest on one of the walking paths.

I used it as an example for using the K-1 II to document things I see.  I put the camera down low on the path and used the articulated LCD with live view to focus on the face of the turtle.  I made the picture at a focal length of 105mm at F8.  I generally don’t use this small an aperture but I also don’t normally expect to see such a short depth of field (DoF).  Getting close with a full frame camera at 105mm focal length presents an extremely short DoF, even at F8.