Fujifilm Shutter Fails … Use Pentax (?)


Sky over Homewood after a storm.

I tentatively decided to keep my Pentax K-1 II along with the Pentax 28-105mm zoom lens that I have been trying.  It is heavy to carry and hold but the failure of the mechanical shutter curtain on my X-T2 forced me into this decision.  If I returned the Pentax I would be down to only one camera.  Now I’m considering altering my intended uses for my cameras. 

I’m hoping that if I only use the X-Pro2 with the electronic shutter and prime lenses that I can continue to use it for photographing indoor events at Homewood.  I will try to mostly use my K-1 II camera for my outdoor and personal photography.  If the X-Pro2 also fails, I will be forced to use the K-1 II for all of my photography until I decide on another path going forward.  The Pentax DSLR is a poor choice for indoor event photography due to the sound of the mirror flap when taking a picture.  Residents standing near to me don’t like to hear it.

The Pentax is also a poor choice for taking with me on walks due to the size and weight.  My original plans for getting it in the first place were for a close-to-the-car camera when I drove someplace or for grabbing off of my desk to run outside to get a quick photograph of a flower or cloud, etc.

I have lost some confidence in my Fujifilm cameras.  What do I do now with my Fujifilm zoom lenses that I used on my X-T2 camera?  The loss of the X-T2 also puts me in a bind for my Homewood photography.  In the past I used the X-T2 with my zoom lenses or, in some cases, used two cameras with prime lenses at events.  Now all I have is my X-Pro2 with one prime lens at a time.  I am afraid to use the heavier zoom lenses since their weight and the flex of the lens mount might have contributed to the shutter curtain getting stuck, but this might not be an issue if I only use the electronic shutter.

A final resolution of which cameras I will use, or what else I might buy, and how I will use them, is still undetermined.