Some Challenges

190913-081037-19JEHI have a few challenges but I think they are worth attempting to overcome.  Fred Herzog died last Monday, 9 Sept. 2019 at the age of 88.  The articles on the web caused me to remember that I had a book about his photography, Modern Color, but that I hadn’t yet read the text so I decided to get it out and read it.  That is a challenge.  The book weighs about 4.5 pounds and is large.  I tried reading it while sitting in my rocking chair but that didn’t work very well since it really made my thumbs hurt and I had to put on my thumb braces.  I’ll next try reading it at the table so that I don’t have to hold the book.  That will probably shift the pain to my back as I lean over the book to read the small text.

As I started reading the book I recognized how his approach to photography might match with some of my thoughts on getting back to making some images on the streets of Hanover, PA.  I also started thinking about how I might prefer to make the images with the Pentax K-1 II and the 50mm F1.4 lens if it is not too long, provided the weight didn’t cause me too much trouble.  At least the weight of the camera and lens is a little less than three pounds, even though it is large and will likely draw some unwanted attention.  If that challenge is a little too much I can fall back and try using the X-Pro2 camera; but, the images and the fun would not be the same.