Morning Fog

I was out a little before 6am with Misty and all I had for a camera with me was my iPhone 6.  I made the first image above with no flash.  I found the second image to be interesting.  I used the flash and noted that the bands you see above were moving around.  I guess the fog was being moved around by a very light breeze.  Since I thought it interesting (the bands were not visible without the flash), I decided to show you.

About 47 min. later I went back out with my camera to make some other pictures.  The following was another experiment of mine using the K-1 II camera.  I merged three images into a panorama and that resulted in an image that was almost 62MP in size before I cropped it and resized it as seen below.  I sure can’t afford to make many images of that size (eats up storage since I started with three 36MP raw files) but I didn’t have any trouble using LR on my early 2015 13 inch MacBook Pro computer to make it.


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