Deep in Thought

190915-125421-19JEHThinking about photography … what else is there?  As you know if you have been reading the tags on my pictures, I have been only using my Pentax K-1 II camera since I got it.  This week I start to get busier with Homewood photography and I’m considering which camera and which lenses to use, and all of the things that entails. 

I need to recharge my Fuji batteries for the X-Pro2 and pack up a set of prime lenses for it, and then decide which bag will best hold the X-Pro2 and lenses as well as the K-1 II and the 28-105mm lens.  Maybe I should take two bags.  I would like to photograph a few activities with both camera systems and see what works best, but that isn’t always easy.

I have deliberately avoided a shoot-off between the systems since the definition of “best” depends upon image quality, low light use, weight, size, ergonomics, available lenses, audience acceptance (sound of shutters), etc.  The only way to evaluate the two systems is to use both under actual working conditions.

Since I am shifting back to photographing people at Homewood, this also means that I will have less to show or write about on this blog.