K-1 II and 28 – 105mm Lens Inside

I did it.  I had a birthday party to photograph and I used my Pentax K-1 II and the 28-105mm lens rather than my Fujifilm gear.  In the past I had switched from other DSLR cameras to silent Fujifilm cameras and lenses for my inside photography, primarily to have a silent capability with a smaller camera so that I didn’t disturb the residents while also having good enough low light capability. 

Since I liked the Pentax FF images so much better, I’m strongly considering using the K-1 II for all of my Homewood photography.  The raw files were easier to process and I liked the results better.  The convenience of having the zoom lens with this particular focal length capability also added to the advantages of the Pentax vs. the Fujifilm gear.  I still have other photography to do in other locations under different conditions, etc. so I will try and use the Pentax more before I make a final decision.

Things are looking so promising that I am already thinking through possible other scenarios and “what if” I sell all of my Fujifilm gear.  It is more likely that I will keep the X-Pro2 and most of my primes lenses and just sell the zoom lenses; but, I do not like having cameras and lenses sitting in a drawer unused so I might sell them all.

I have another party to photograph tomorrow in a different location so I’m looking forward to seeing how the Pentax gear handles in those conditions.  I also want to try another longer, heavier lens for use outdoors as well as potentially indoors in the coming week.  Depending on whether I get anymore lenses for the K-1 II camera, I might decide to sell off the Fujifilm gear to help finance additional lenses.  A separate issue I will have to also consider is that if I sell my only other camera, I will have no backup camera if something were to happen to the K-1 II.