Love Them Both

190920-072659-untitled shootLately I have been only using the Pentax K-1 II camera with mostly the 28-105mm FF zoom lens (in the picture).  I have been even using it under conditions that I had never considered when I first purchased it and I have been quite pleased with how it does.  Those findings started me down the path of wondering if I need to keep my Fujifilm X-Pro2.  I know that thought caused some to sit up and start wondering about me, more than the cameras.

I want you to know that such ideas were from an academic, rational look at my photography.  My gut feelings are that I will not give up my X-Pro2 and my prime lenses.  I used the X-Pro2 with the 35mm lens to make this image and then processed in ACROS +R.  I will be continuing using that combination for most of my indoor photography, especially this winter.

190919-141654-19JEHThese two cameras are very different and each has its place and use.  Could I use either one for everything?  The answer is probably if I had to, and thus each can serve as a backup in case either one decides to stop working; but I don’t plan on taking both cameras and multiple lenses with me when I’m photographing most events.

I will mostly use the Pentax gear for outdoors and the Fujifilm for indoors, but it isn’t as simple as I first thought before trying the Pentax.  I found that I really like the full frame 36MP images from the K-1 II camera.  I’ll be continuing to explore different uses for them both.