Some Changes

190922-153945-19JEHThere are a number of slow changes occurring.  First, the climate and the weather are changing from summer to winter with increasing extremes and wild swings due to the extreme heating in the arctic. 

Next, my eyesight has been changing and it has been increasingly difficult to do my photography due to the fact that my eyes are not tolerating as much time on the computer.  With the increase in my prescription eye medicines it has also limited the amount of time that I can see well enough to read, take pictures, or process them on the computer.

With winter weather coming I won’t be walking outdoors as much and thus not making as many pictures for my blog.  It also means more discomfort with the arthritis in my hands and back.

As a result of all of the above, I have decided to not keep the best camera I have ever had in terms of image quality and construction.  I no longer have the heavy, large Pentax K-1 II full frame, 36MP system.  I returned it mostly out of fear that I would stop carrying it due to its size and weight.

I now am back to having only my one favorite camera, the Fujifilm X-Pro2.  I will adjust what cameras and lenses I will use as my physical conditions stabilize and I determine what I will be photographing.  It may mean that I might just use one camera and a few prime lenses until I see what my future in photography looks like.  Last evening (see picture below) I took a short walk with the X-Pro2 camera and the 18 – 135mm zoom lens on it to confirm that I could use zoom lenses on the X-Pro2, but also that I don’t like to do that. 


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