Picked the Fujifilm X-H1 Camera

190925-132022-19JEHOK, I have made my decision.  I plan to use Fujifilm cameras for my Homewood activities and events photography.  I placed an order for the X-H1 camera (it is on backorder) so that I can use it along with my X-Pro2 with different lenses for my event photography.  I was sort-of holding back until I learned more about the new X-Pro3 camera that is coming, but I think I now know enough to just go with the X-H1.  It was the best value for the money.

I will primarily use the X-Pro2 camera with prime lenses and primarily use the X-H1 with zoom lenses for my Homewood photography, but not exclusively since there are times I need to use two fast prime lenses.

I have been trying and considering several different cameras like the X-H1, Pentax K-1 II, Canon EOS RP, and others.  They all have their pros and cons so it wasn’t an easy decision.  One thing I considered after a recent issue, was the sensor size.  I gave Homewood 36MP full frame images so they had greater luxury in cropping, maximum quality, etc. and their software and printers could not handle the 36MP files; therefore, I will be downsizing my files for them from now on, but I had to consider, why buy and use such large better cameras if I then have to dumb them down?

I haven’t decided about which camera and lens to use for my personal photography since I’m still working on what and how I’ll mostly be photographing.  The Fujis are fine for what I have been doing, so I image I will just use the Fuji cameras for everything.