Just Thinking

190926-130448-19JEHI was just scanning through the photographers that I follow in Instagram when I realized that the vast majority of them mostly publish B&W images.  Is that an “age thing” … an affinity for those around my age, or much older, to mostly prefer B&W?  It could be, but many are also younger.  The unusual thing with me is that I can only remember one B&W image that I made back in my point & shoot film days.  I took more, but they have been lost over the years. 

I live in the present.  Every year I remove my digital pictures from my computer and move then to one of an assortment of hard drives.  My organization and keeping of them is almost nonexistent, that is except for those which were published on this website of mine.

For those who are new to my website, you can go to the upper right corner at the top of my website and click on “category”.  That will drop down a menu, mostly by location, that will bring up the posts for just that category; i.e., pick Tunisia and only the posts that I made using pictures I took in Tunisia will be displayed.  Note, the categories are not exclusively by location.  Over time I have tried other ways of sorting posts. 

If you are wondering what brought on this post, it happened as I was thinking about what I might make pictures of this winter.  My prospects look bleak.  Examining the past rarely foretells the future.