More Challenging


With fall weather’s arrival and poor leaf coloring this year, the possibilities of finding things worth photographing will be slimmer, so I will try to concentrate on other things like reading and getting ready for several upcoming indoor activities here at Homewood.

In the immediate future I doubt I will be doing as much photography.  There have been a slowly decreasing number of images and I have been concentrating more of my photography towards various Homewood uses, and that makes for sporadic photography.

I do have some ideas for winter that involve me getting another pocket camera; therefore, I am going to try a less expensive one than the Olympus TG-5 camera that I sold, the Ricoh WG-60 waterproof camera.  I used an older version many years ago and got some good pictures, one of which is printed and hanging on my wall.  I made it while being exposed to very fine dust-like blowing sand in Tunisia.  Using the cheaper WG-60 will probably be more challenging, but I like challenges.