Trying a Ricoh WG-60 WP Camera

The Ricoh WG-60 WP camera is a lot different from the Olympus TG-6 WP camera.  I have no intentions to use cameras underwater so I don’t pay much attention to those capabilities.  My interests are to have a small rugged pocket camera that I can use in the rain or snow without worrying about it.  The WG-60 has a longer zoom range, effective 28 – 140mm, but a slower aperture than the TG-6.  The Ricoh also has 16MP vs. 12MP for the TG-6 so the low light capabilities of the WG-60 aren’t as good as the TG-6 capabilities.  A feature I prefer with the WG-60 is the ability to hold the zoom setting when turned off.  When I am out to just photograph details, I mostly use a long focal length and since both of these cameras are slow to zoom having it hold the focal length is a big time saver.  The TG-6 can make raw files as well as jpegs while the WG-60 only makes jpeg images, but that is fine with me.  When I had the TG-5 I only used it to make jpegs since I liked them better than trying to get the raw files processed.  I have had the WG-60 less than 24 hours so I have a lot more learning with it before I decide what and how I will use it.  The above are just some of the samples that I quickly made with it.  So far, since the WG-60 costs about half as much as the TG-6, I think the WG-60 is a better choice for me; but it will take awhile before I confirm that decision.