I’ll Keep the WG-60


I will keep the Ricoh WG-60 camera.  It is small but a little weird in its looks.  Actually, it carries in the hand nicely and isn’t likely to be dropped, even with wet cold numb hands.

As usual, my biggest problem is finding things to photograph.  It was lightly misting when I stepped outside and made this image of a miniature rose.  Yes, we still have them blooming.  Maybe I’ll find other things to photograph this winter since I’m more likely to have this camera in my jacket pocket.


I had been thinking that I might not need a small waterproof (WP) pocket camera anymore since I considered just getting and using a new iPhone for a pocket camera.  There are several reasons that I decided to stick with at least one more WP pocket camera.  First, I much prefer holding and using them rather than a thin flat iPhone.  That in addition to the longer focal length of the WG-60 and the much cheaper price won me over.  Maybe next next year I’ll switch, and maybe not. 

Now, if only, if only, I could come up with something different to do with it.

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