No Hope


With all of the “noise” about the Trump administration, which they every bit deserve plus more, and the slow windup of the Democrats for the next election, I have come to realize that many do not understand the depth of the problems we face.  In fact, one of Trump’s desires could be to keep throwing nonsense out just to deflect us and keep us from thinking more deeply as he and his cronies fill their own pockets.  A result of all of this noise is that too many are hoping for a major change soon and expecting that will cure all that ails us.

What most don’t take the time and effort to consider is the depth of the world’s problems.  Nations are so much in debt, and we have extracted all of the cheap resources, and we have set the path for future climate changes with so much carbon, that “fixing things” are going to take many years and many changes in our cultures, economies, and society.

Yes, we need to kick all of the greedy thieves and uneducated illiterates out of politics and government, but we must also do more.  We need to also stop relying on prayer and hope to solve things, and in their place, study and develop and plan to change the path we are on.  A path for a sustainable existence that can take us successfully into the future.  It will have to be a broad and complex integrated set of changes.  There is no pot of gold at the ends of the rainbow, no hope, only a lot of studying, planning, and hard work. 

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