Baby Hugo … XF 50-140mm F2.8 Lens

I did it.  I bought another lens primarily for just photographing a few events at Homewood.  It is the Fujinon XF 50 – 140mm F2.8 lens.  The lens itself is about 8 inches long and on the X-H1 (without the battery grip and the lens tripod foot) the combination weighs 3 pounds and 11.6 ounces.  The battery grip (shown on the camera above) is a help if you want to hold the camera in a vertical orientation and need the extra batteries, but due to the extra weight I hope to not use the grip or the tripod foot.  I will be moving around when using it and will need to handhold it.

I just received the lens yesterday afternoon so I haven’t had much of a chance to try it out.  I did take a few shots and was amazed at how fast it zooms and focuses even at F2.8 both near and far in both good and poor light.  An added bonus is that the lens does not trombone, i.e. extend when zooming.

This morning I tried it out photographing the bird on the feeder through a dirty window with the sun shining on the window.  I just wanted a feel for the out of focus areas at both F5.6 and F2.8.  I also took a look at my backpack since I will need it to carry my gear.  Figuring out how to configure the backpack to hold my gear is going to be a real puzzle that I’ll worry about later.

Thank-goodness, tomorrow I have an activity to photograph that will require me to use my X-Pro2 camera and a few prime lenses.  I will be doing a lot of walking the halls in and among people.  There is no way that I could use the larger X-H1 with Baby Hugo.  In a few more weeks I will have two events where the new zoom lens should be a real help.