Righteous Bursts of Color

Just wondering what I’ll photograph this winter.  There certainly won’t be this kind of color, but these made me think.  What is behind the battles with color vs. monochrome?  Why is it that we, as individuals, prefer one thing over another?

Why is it that some prefer Republicans over Democrats, believe one thing over another, think one religion is the correct one over another, and on and on?  We should spend more time thinking about it.  Is it just because of our past environment, the place we were born, the way we were taught (even if it was based on limited knowledge and outdated thinking)?  It is just that we believe what we heard from others who were also biased one way or the other and then we perpetuate an erroneous belief because we are ignorant.  We never take the time to think, gather the latest facts, and then make our own decisions.  For some reason, too many think that education stops at a young age and that all remains static after that, that nothing changes, not the climate, not scientific information, not cultures, etc..