Like to Reduce Further


I am in the process, even though it is slow and often two steps forward and one step back, of learning how I can minimize and simplify my photography, with respect to cameras, lenses, processing, and compositions.  The easiest aspect when going down this path is often to resort to getting fewer and/or smaller cameras and shorter focal length lenses.  In the example above, I used the Ricoh WG-60 camera.  Those of you who are knowledgeable, will know that particular waterproof pocket camera is one of the smallest, least expensive, rugged cameras available.

With the success I have had with the WG-60, I have decided to keep working with small cameras and have recently ordered the Canon GX5 Mark II camera.  It is about the same size as the WG-60, therefore I could take either in a pocket when walking.  In the coming week or so I will be mostly using the G5X II camera until I learn the strengths and weaknesses of both of them.

Another aspect of going more minimal is trying to find more simplistic scenes to photograph, either by subject or how I process the scene.  One, of several ideas I have is to produce B&W images with various toning such as the one above.  Given the weather, the distance, and the camera, this image would have not been possible without Lightroom processing.

Another thing I have done is make fewer images.  I use to make around 30 images each day just to test, practice, or enjoy the process as well as post each day.  I haven’t been doing that this month and sometimes I go for several days with no pictures or posts.

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