Canon vs. Fuji

The first image was made with a Canon G5X Mark II at its widest focal range in “P” mode.  The camera chose ISO 1600, f/1.8, and 1/20 sec.

The second image was made with a Fuji X-Pro 2 and the 18mm lens in “P” mode.  The camera chose ISO 12800, f/2, and 1/60 sec. (the slowest I had it set for).

The Canon had image stabilization and the Fuji didn’t and that is reflected in the shutter speed, etc.  I used LR Adobe color and auto tone to process the raw files, and I adjusted the exposures slightly.  You can see that the camera colors are different due to differences in auto WB, etc.  I often tweak Fuji’s WB, but didn’t here.  Another minor difference, the Canon had 20MP and the Fujifilm had 24MP.

I prefer the Canon image and that is amazing given that it is a small pocket camera with a one-inch sensor.  The Fuji is much larger and heavier and has an APS size sensor.  I made these images last night since I am starting to wonder about which camera, lenses, etc. to use when I start photographing the holiday lighting in early Dec.  So far, I’m thinking that I will use the Canon camera, especially since it has a zoom lens, but it will also depend on the weather and the Canon is not WR.

PS, I also like the Canon image when processed as below.