Going Smaller, Running from FF

They have started putting up decorations already, but the major decorating of the trees by the residents will not occur until next Monday.  I chose some scenes to test my ability to use the little pocket Canon G5X Mark II for photographing decorations.  I am pleased in that it does the job without any special heroics in processing.  I just took some sample raw images with the camera in “P” mode and used auto tone in LR to make them.  Nothing else other than some cropping.  If I only use this camera it will be the first time I have used such a small point and shoot camera for such pictures; but I have another solution coming.

As I attempt to go smaller with fewer lenses, smaller lighter bags, etc. I realized that another way of describing what I’m doing is running from the full frame (FF) bullets aimed at me by the marketeers.  Most of the new cameras’ emphases have been in the development of full frame sensor cameras.  The problem, for me, as they do this, is that the lenses just keeping getting larger and heavier and more expensive.  Too much for me.

In reaction to the markets bigger and heavier movement, I am trying to rebel and go smaller.  As I attempt this, I chose to first get and try the Canon G5X Mark II camera which is working out quite well for me.  Second, I chose to try one of the latest micro 4/3 sensor cameras and thus I ordered the Olympus E-M5 III and the 12-40 mm F2.8 zoom lens to give them a try.  I will have them up and running by next Monday when I photograph residents decorating the trees, so I will also test it for that photography and see how it compares with the Canon.