Old Farm with Micro 4/3

191127-095240-19JEHI’m trying the Olympus micro 4/3 E-M5 III camera and the 12-40mm F2.8 lens.  Mostly I am playing with them and photographing things/scenes, etc. that I have photographed in the past with various cameras.  I’m relearning the differences with a micro 4/3 system and seeing if I can go back to it.  I want to go back to micro 4/3 just because of the size and weight of the gear and the flexibility to try some different things.

My only reason for not going back to micro 4/3 gear is the problem with the lighting when I photograph indoor events.  From the perspective of faster and more accurate focusing, ability to handle the camera and controls, and the ability to get around easier and quicker, micro 4/3 gear helps even with Homewood photography.  It is just a problem with low light and problems with wild swings in light levels as I work an indoor event; i.e high ISOs required and the resulting digital noise that are holding me back.

Since photography is slowly getting harder on my hands, back, and knees, I am now experimenting to see how much I have to give up relative to image quality so that I can make an assessment of what to do in the coming year.  As I have purchased better and better low light gear to handle Homewood photography, my personal problems just got worse and I started slowly losing my interest in going out and making images with the better heavier gear, so I’m now seeing if I can turn things around and get back to experimenting and trying different photography with micro 4/3 gear and still do the harder indoor photography.

By the way, going from my Fujifilm cameras back to the Olympus menu and ways of controlling the camera and processing the images are almost as much fun as learning a new language.