Micro 4/3 for Holiday Lights

I have been busy with photographing people at multiple indoor activities; but I took time last evening to make some test images of outdoor lights using my Olympus E-M5 III and the 12-40mm F2.8 lens.  I wanted to test noise levels and determine typical focal lengths to see if I need to get a faster lens for later when I hopefully make lots of outdoor images.  You can check the settings I used in the details for each image.

This camera and lens did OK for the kind of images I will be making, but I may still get a faster prime lens.  My decision will partially come down to deciding how much walking I feel like doing.  If I get a prime lens I will have to “zoom” in and out with my feet.  If I use the zoom lens I can drive around and photograph mostly from my car.  My back isn’t doing so good after my recent photography sessions so I will see how much I recover.

I could still use my Fuji cameras and lenses and have more noise-free images, but the Olympus system seems to have better auto WB, is quicker to focus, and is lighter and smaller to handle.  I’m still weighing the trade-offs and still considering selling all of my Fuji gear.  I used the E-M5 III and the 12-40mm F2.8 lens to take around 1500 images of people at the last two activities and they worked great.  That was another test of using micro 4/3 system vice my Fujifilm gear and the Olympus micro 4/3 worked even better for me than in past years when I used Fujifilm gear.