In the Dark

I made this image a few days ago early in the morning when it was dark … darker than it looks here in either color or B&W.  I have been experimenting to see what I can do with ISO 5000 and F2.8 aperture.  I have been surprised by the quality at those levels and even more surprised at how well the camera focuses when it is really dark.  These raw images were made handheld at 1/3 sec. and then brightened up in LR.

I would really like to go off campus and make images around Hanover in the dark, but it is not likely to happen, but if I do, I know what I can do with this setup.  This camera is a great landscape and details camera due to the excellent image stabilization.  I didn’t have this degree of stabilization with my Fujifilm gear and I’m looking forwards to utilizing this capability on the Olympus E-M5 Mark III.

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