Dying, Dead, and Falling


No, this isn’t about residents living here at Homewood, but it is a good metaphor.  I made this image on Friday the 13th after dark in the fog.  I was on my way to pick up dinner when the temperature was 33 degrees F.

Most of these Ash trees are dead or dying, and you can see the one window maker.  Thats what we call trees which are hung on other trees.  The tree cutters hate to remove these trees since they can be quite dangerous, and if you have to contract a crew to come in and remove them it can be expensive.

When I use to be a volunteer for a FWS Refuge one of my jobs was to go out with the only employee certified to cut down such trees.  He was also the Refuge law enforcement officer as well as a federal wildfire fighter.  My job was to keep visitors away if it was close to a trail and man the radio to call for help if the officer got hurt.  Since we could be anywhere on the Refuge I had to know where we were and tell rescuers how to get to us quickly.  It was a job that neither of us looked forward to.