Slowly Waiting

The first image was made through the car window with the light rain running down the windshield.  The other image is the moisture condensing on the inside of my coffee cup as I write.  Watching water drops slide down the surface is only a little better than watching paint dry. 

Today it is cold, 34 degrees F. with rain.  These images may be all I make today unless I take some images of a visitor to the train rooms for a Homewood article.  Life is slow this time of year, especially for me as I wait for my checks to arrive for all of the Fujifilm gear I sold.  I might not really believe it is all gone until after the checks arrive, although the empty camera drawers should be sufficient to convince me.

Normally I would be buying and trying new photography gear but I have stopped with that hobby.  All of the cameras and lenses have reached sufficiency technologically, and I have nothing new to try them on, so nothing new is needed, and then there is the cost factor as the prices continue to rise.

It is interesting to think about the photography situation.  Most of the hobbyist photographers are aging and in retirement with fixed or declining incomes, and the price of cameras is rising.  Seems to me that this divergence is destined to result in the collapse of the industry with only the declining number of pros holding on for awhile until the same happens to them. 

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