The Aged & Technology

191220-095642-19JEHI really doubt that using my fingerprints for quick identification to unlock doors will work much of the time (see previous post).  I was thinking more about it and made this image of my finger on my left hand which is my best finger in terms of it possibly working.  My finger topology changes somewhat with the weather and what I do.  This image was made when my finger was its best.

If I have been holding a camera while out walking and then attempt to enter the building to get warm I could be out in the cold for a long time.  Fortunately we will have other means to unlock the doors, but how that works remains to be learned.  If that alternative system doesn’t work, some old people are going to be out in the cold giving their finger to the system.  Hmmm, visually that could make for an interesting image.

In cold weather, especially if I have been holding a camera, my fingers pucker-up, get very cold, and the blood retreats from the surface and my fingers turn white in color.  I have been diagnosed as having Raynaud’s Disease.  It is a condition that seriously affects my use of cameras in the winter.

Another thought.  What happens when the power goes out?  Do all of the doors lock, or unlock?

Getting older isn’t fun, especially when it occurs in the time of rapidly changing technology.  The only good thing about the old days was that as you aged you could rely on most things around you operating like they did when you were younger.