Winding Down

As I approach another year I have to clean all of the past year’s images off of my computer and move them to an external storage device since I have run out of memory and have no room for working on more images.

The year is winding down and I’m fearful that I might need to wind down my blog due to lack of new things to photograph, new things to try, and write about.  Some think that I don’t need new things to photograph since my viewers keep coming and going, but that doesn’t sit well with me.  I need a change.

One comment

  1. jerrymennenga


    Looking for new points of interest is always good. But with photography, even the same scenes change from year to year, day to day and hour to hour. Different light, different time of day, rainy season, dry, sunny season and of course, one’s own point of view. Trying to photograph familiar scenes is always the toughest challenge because we as individuals see them daily or weekly. But once one starts to really look at them and look for nuances, new opportunities arise. I travel about a bit in Siouxland because I still can and enjoy that about my former career as a staff photographer for various small daily newspapers. But even locally when I revisit places I find changes and try to see the same places differently. And being critical of one’s work is just part of growing that vision. So shoot, share and enjoy the moment because each moment is unique and one can choose what moments one shares. Wishing you the best in 2020.