Less and Less


With the lack of ideas of what to photograph, at least this time of year, I decided to continue with my reduction and simplification in my photographic gear.  I went back to the Olympus PEN F camera since it uses the same lenses that I have for my E-M5 III and can serve as a backup camera if needed, as well as being small and lightweight.  I then decided to sell my Ricoh WG-60 and my Canon G5X Mark II.  I liked those cameras but I used them as niche cameras and “crutch” cameras to carry and use just in case I saw something, and I don’t really like photographing in that manner.  I prefer to have an intent or reason or purpose for making a photograph and I’m hoping to advance my photography in that direction, even though it will probably mean a reduction in the number of photographs and blog posts I make.

I intend to use my Olympus E-M5 III with zoom lenses for my Homewood photography and use my Olympus PEN F with prime lenses on the streets, in close quarters, and for specialty images up close at large apertures.  I’m thinking/hoping that the Panasonic 14mm F2.5 pancake lens will be my favorite lens for the PEN F, but that will depend upon what I photograph.

As I have been playing with the PEN F camera I have been finding that I am doing less and less processing of the images.  I have been recording raw files so far, but I have also been using the front control dial on the PEN F to experiment with using the camera monochrome jpeg settings and not doing anything to them in LR other than cropping.  It will take some time to see how far I go with this approach.  Depending upon what I am photographing, and for what reasons, I might switch to jpeg images for a lot of my personal images.

Basically, I’m hoping to go back to concentrating on what I photograph and thinking less about the gear.  This isn’t going to be easy and I need to really work on it, but I find it very hard to do this time of the year.  The combination of weather and arthritis make it difficult in keeping motivated. 

Note that I said that I’m hoping, rather than planning.  I’m learning that as the years go by it gets harder to develop expectations and make plans and that it is enough to just make it day by day.


  1. jerrymennenga

    John, One step at a time. When I do posts for my own blog I do them for myself as much as for anyone else. Sometimes people come along for the ride, and sometimes not. But there are places, people and such I find interesting. I’m including some links here of other photographers and one spiritual person you might find of interest. These are folk I follow and just enjoy what they post. Places I know I may never get to visit I vicariously enjoy these people’s journeys. Wishing you a wonderful new year.










  2. Melissa Selena

    I have a Panasonic Lumix GX7 and I prefer using the presets as well, especially the monochrome ones. I used to love editing photos when I started doing photography but I really can’t stand it now. Like you, I would rather stay focused on what I’m photographing, and capture my vision as closely as I can in-camera.