Economic Realities

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACurrent economic & financial political jockeying that has been designed to drive up the stock market has served to hide the true state of affairs among those of us who are retired that doesn’t match with Trump’s beliefs that all is rosy with the economy.  For those of us who are retired with fixed to slightly climbing incomes that don’t match the stock market’s growth that the rich enjoy, the economy is a disaster.  The growth represents climbing costs for us.  The higher and faster the market goes up, the greater the costs to us who have less and less available for buying the essentials of life due to inflation and higher costs for food, health costs, etc.  If you don’t believe it just look at the increased costs you have faced year after year, while the market has gone up.  Our politicians are treating us like frogs in a pot of water under which the flame is getting hotter and hotter.  Most of the frogs don’t realize the ultimate impact of the hot water until it is too late.  Are we being cooked as well?

Before we vote again we should compare our costs to the so-called growth in the stock market and economy.  Those of us who are retired will note a great divergence … our available income has gone down, but it has gone up for the one-percenters, the rich and the privileged.  The divergence is growing and growing.