Those who have been following my posts for a longer time know that I have arthritis and Raynaud’s Syndrome in my hands which interferes with my use of cameras.  While I have been getting ready for better weather to go out walking more often and further, I decided to buy another pair of gloves that were lighter for cool days; but, the gloves needed to be suitable for using touch controls on my camera and phone.  I started looking around and discovered what are normally referred to as runner’s gloves with the touch fingertips.  The ones shown above are great in that I have no problems using them to operate my cameras, including using the touch features of my LCD if I so desire.

As a bonus, I found out that they work great on my laptop touchpad.  In fact, not only do they work great they also relieve the problem I have with my finger tips going numb after using the computer for extended periods of time.  It has also dawned on me that they also have another bonus feature. 

When I am out intentionally photographing I like to dress in black or dark clothing so that I have less problems with reflections of myself in the images. I also like to blend in when photographing events when I am close or near the front of the residents.  What I realized is that with my black cameras that if I wear the gloves it also makes the fact that I am holding a camera less noticeable.