Mental Anguish #1

200202-095357-JEH20With no uncertainty, I am depressed.  I’m depressed by the state of my external world, the climate changes, what Trump is doing to destroy everything I love in this world, and the spinelessness, lack of knowledge, corruption, and short term greed among politicians.  In no uncertain terms, our world as we have enjoyed and thrived in it, is deteriorating and going down to what use to be referred to as “hell in a handbasket”.

At the same time too many want to stick their heads in a hole and see no evil and hear no evil.  They want me to produce nice pretty colorful images that don’t represent what I truly see and feel.

Many, if not most who live around me, feel that the current decay won’t impact them since they are too old and won’t have to deal with the future and instead say (think?), our children and grandchildren will be facing a different world, but that is their worry.

My problem, other than totally disagreeing with them, is that it affects what I do with my photography.  I like photography and it gives me a way to express and entertain myself.  It also means that I am always looking for something to photograph.  My continual anguish is, do I try to use my photography to show the deteriorating changes around us or do I continue to make the images others want to see?

For the sake of peace and harmony around me I have tried to show the beauty around us, when I can find it, and it gives me more opportunities to make images, but things have been changing.  I am finding less and less beauty around me.  Our environment is deteriorating and will continue to do so.  I am finding less variety in the plants and flowers, as well as less wildlife, and fewer interesting people to talk with.

At the moment I am feeling that the changes going on around me are slowly solving one of my dilemmas relative to what to photograph.  When there is less beauty, if I want to keep making pictures I will have to show what is, or has deteriorated.  But, it is still a matter of to what degree.  I have been thinking that I should stop trying to find the beauty in anything around me and only concentrate on the problems and changes.  I don’t think that anyone here at Homewood would find that suitable, and if I made the switch, that could be the end of my photography here at Homewood. 

Should I stop supporting people’s illusions?  All photography is propaganda, but each coin has two sides. 


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  3. Russel

    I’m with you regarding your concerns. It’s as if the yobbos of the world are in charge. Ironic as conservatives are pro hunting one would think they would do all they can to preserve this world. Too dumb to see reality, I guess.

    That said, I shoot to capture the moment. Maybe it’s because I am influenced by photojournalists, and not regular photographers, that I push on regardless. Documenting the collapse of humanity, the world, would be an amazing assignment/ responsibility but I’m not sure I could handle it.


  4. paula graham

    Top post, meaningful and I too am concerned, very concerned by what is evolving around me, how the other side has got a voice, a most unpleasant, harsh, narrow voice.


  5. Lois Revi

    You are not alone in feeling this. At first I was angry, now I am not only angry but extremely frightened for the generations who follow us,