Mental Anguish #2

Continuing my discussion about my photography concerns I’ll now write about possible implications on my processing.  I have been refining my processing and drifting to more B&W images.

My images, especially when made with the TG-6, are now more likely to be made with -0.7 exposure and files as either raw or jpegs in Olympus natural color.  In LR I have then been choosing the B&W high contrast preset then dialing the blacks to -40, clarity to -10, and adding vignetting and grain for the B&W for the starting point.  I then adjust the exposure and contrast as I wish for individual images. 

Some will claim that by doing this I have already decided to emphasize my changing feelings in my images.  I agree that I have done that since I can’t separate the processing style from my emotions, but I find that the images end up looking more like film images of the past.  I am more interested in seeing/portraying/comparing things as we use to see them in older pictures.  It is also a protest on my part to some of the more modern garish colors and sharpness in images that I find to not be realistic in life.

PS, I noticed that some buds are swelling and new growth is starting.  Is this good or bad for the first of Feb.?  Is it just a sign of a normal spring coming, or is it an early sign of the impacts of global warming?  Since it is a statistical measured fact that plants are starting earlier and birds are migrating earlier around the earth on a year after year basis, we are seeing the impacts of global climate changes underlining the normal fluctuating variations.

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