Photographing Nothingness

200209-123935-JEH20Since I have nothing in particular to photograph at this time, I’m thinking of challenging myself to just using my Olympus PEN-F camera with the 17mm lens and make in-camera high contrast B&W jpeg images, at least when it isn’t raining or I’m not holding the camera for long since it hurts my fingers.

I’m not sure if this challenge will help me to make anything new but at least I’ll like the images (independent of the subject).  The image shown here was a test as I was comparing in-camera jpegs with my own processing of raw files.  I like the cameras jpegs better for a wider range of subjects.  This quick snap did remind me that I need to do the taxes for 2019.

I had this idea of using the PEN-F to make B&W jpegs when I bought the camera, but so far I haven’t done that for sufficiently long enough to see if I can make a body of work that way and I’m not sure I can handle the camera long enough.

But, all of these thoughts are just “maybes”.  I’m still dithering about what to do with my photography and ranging from shutting down, to different processing, to changing cameras and lenses, to just photographing nearby small stuff for subjects,  to going back to a DSLR for specific photography, or to just using small cameras like the TG-6, etc.  Notice that with few ideas of what to photograph, most of my thoughts keep drifting to cameras and lenses, but primarily as a way to extend my photography.