Plum Creek Floodplain Deteriorating


Since the big flood at Homewood at Plum Creek in July 2018, the flood plain has continued to deteriorate.  The banks have been collapsing more and more.  If this continues, the south garden area up next to Plum Creek is going to be in danger as more of the bank washes away (first photo above).  There are no bushes or shrubs or cribbing along the edges of Plum Creek to prevent further erosion.  In addition, the big trees that have helped to hold the banks have been dying.  You can see the stump of the big tree (second picture) that had to be cut down due to dying, and dropping limbs.  The third picture shows the creek below the Pavilion and farm house.  During the flood the water reached the farm house and covered, and closed Plum Tree road for a while.

Below are some other pictures that I made a day later than the above with a different camera.  The banks are slipping and sliding into the creek which adds sediment to the water and builds up the bottom which makes conditions worse each time it floods.  And don’t forget that more fertilizer and other chemicals are added to the water each time more dirt falls into the water to wash downstream and pollute the waterways.


With climate changes causing heavier and harder rains, and all of the upstream development increasing the runoff, all we have to look forward to are more floods and higher water levels in the floodplain and more damage to our roads, bridges, and buildings.